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How to create a offer with your zone of genius and get paid $5000 and more for your services, products, coaching are online course?

Do you have the impression that you are the best keep secret in your field and you dont receive the money that you deserve?

Are you wondering why your competitor is getting more money then you? Are you asking yourself are they more special then me?

Do you want to experience more money coming into your life? I am sure that you want more freedom and you wish to upgrade your life?

Would you like to discover your zone of genius, your special gift, your intuition, have more passion and more energy in you business and with your family?

Do you believe in manifesting your highest vision of yourself?

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How to Just be and shine?

How I have lost everything and I started over again.

I was a millionaire ans I have lost everything thirteen years ago when I ask for my divorce, know I am teaching human being who you can ask for what you have in life.
Your subconscious can trick you and stop you from receiving money.
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