Life coaching

Remove my blocages and upgrade my life

Are you tired of suffering and not believing in your own potential?

Did you know that your brain and your words impact your life?

It can either destroy you are help you?

Did you feel that your life is not moving at the past you wanted to be?

Are you wondering what is stopping are who is stopping you?

Did you know that you can manifest anything that you deserve you just have to believe it?

If you wish to know how to change career, relationship, love life and simply loving your self just the way you are? You are at the right place!

Together we will discover your limiting beliefs and your fears.

Discover your life mission, your programming, your vision, your life purpose and more.

This Coaching include:

1.5 hour energy treatment to see what is blocking you. ( value of $150)

3 private coaching one on one (1 hour ) (value of $675)

2 Recorded meditation (Value of $40)

This package has a total value of $865

But you only pay $747

It will be my pleasure to help you design your new life!

Life is short act now and upgrade your life!

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Lyne St-Amand NLP Praticien, transformational coach.