Incarnate wealth like a Godess private coaching

Have You Ever Wondered: What Could I Do To Attract My Dreams And Desires Faster?

Inside of your sacred feminine space exist some gold nuggets. These nuggets are hidden inside of you and ready to get out. What you have to do to transform your life and attract everything you want is to liberate and free these nuggets. 

Freeing your sacred feminine and the ancient scars will allow you to shine and prosper again. 

Discover laws of Quantum Physics, the Goddesses, ADN Codes, Quantum Flow Dances, the Sacred Archetype of Wealth and much more as you incarnate your feminine power.

Discover the frequency that will allow you to realize your dreams, desires and projects right now. 

Understand the laws of manifestations, forgiveness and allow yourself to shine like you deserve to shine! 

The amount of LOVE that you give to Yourself has a direct effect on the prosperity you receive in your Life.

Work with me for 8 weeks to learn:

Free your Sacred Feminine

  • Free the karmic links that are preventing you from moving forward.

  • Liberate the pain from previous failure, rejection, manipulation and control you had in your life.

  • Learn to balance your feminine energy and masculine energy. Learn how to receive money faster and with less work. 

Reprogram your Money Reliefs

  • Free the karmic links you have with your family and ancestors 

regarding money

  • Liberate the pains you have in relation to money so you can start receiving it in your life. 

  • Learn about your sacred money archetype so you learn to manage your money and create more wealth into your life.

Meet the Goddess of Prosperity and learn how to co-create with her. 

  • Incarnate self-love. Love and respect yourself more on a daily basis. 

  • Understand your true worth.

  • Receive new ADN codes that will allow you to receive money more easily. 

  • Incarnate a new and better version of you so you can prosper.  

Discover Quantum danse & quantum frequency

  • Discover some specific quantum flow movements that will allow you to liberate negative emotions that are attached to your body. This will allow you to feel instantly better and manifest much faster. 

  • Integrate your desires into quantum physics and access your true higher potential. 


Feel all the prosperity and wealth that is ready to enter in your life. Connect with your soul, heart and intuition. Love yourself fully!

Activate the frequency of love and connect to your own essence will allow you to attract and receive everything you desire.

Feel confident and secure, get a renewed sense of freedom and lightness into your life.

Work with Lyne St-Amand a Women of heart ans intuition.

She has guided 100 of women’s around the world to build back they own power and self-confidence

Charismatic and inspiring, she transmits a constant positive energy

Entrepreneurship and perseverance have been part of her life for 25 years.
At the age of 30 years old, she became a millionaire and then lost everythingto a divorce that happened in the United States. After these events, it became a priority for her to help women to take back their power and attract abondance
In 2017, she had an accident that led to a concussion. After this she decided to make a drastic change in her career and get out of the corporate race.  
She became a PNL practicioner, trained in “Brainologie” by David Lefrancois, trained in energetic unlocking with “Secrets of manifestation” by Dr Joe Vitale, the Goddess program of Regan Hillyer and her latest passion… the sacred feminine. 
In 2020, she studied quantum flow movements that can liberate pain, emotions and beliefs of the physical body allowing people to manifest faster. 
Her training has led her to an increased level of awareness to help others listen to their inner voice, trust themselves and move in the direction of their dream life. 
To this day she has now served and inspired thousands of people through her coaching and the conferences she has given all around the world. 
A distinct approach
Lyne loves human contact and thanks to her gift of intuitive guidance, she can 
see other people’s blocks and what prevents them from moving forward. She can channels messages about ones purpose from the universe and share it with them.
Together you will create your ideal life, in simplicity, harmony and lightness. 
Gratitude, love and light


Why healing your feminine energy and being a Godess?

On the physical plans:

  • Reduce ovarien problems
  • Avoid bladder descends
  • Soothe painful périods
  • Increase desire and orgasms
  • Feeling sexier
On the emotional plans
  • Create a new project
  • Bring softness and tenderness
  • Love yourself as you are
  • Accept your inner power and the connection with the divine
  • Activate your creativity
  • Soothe the wounds of the soul
  • Connect with universal love
On the energy plans
  • Cut karmic ties from generation to generation, so that women and children regain they own power.
  • Feeling that nothing is holding your back
  • Programming new beliefs system with prosperity and financial security
  • Radiate your truth beauty not feeling judged by anyone.
Liberating plan
  • Rediscover a great fluidity, a greater clarity and calibrate all of the spheres of your life.
  • Feeling harmony, peace, lightness, love and divine connection.
Imagine how your life will be if you loving yourself just the way you are and being connected with your true purpose?
Are you ready for
  • Realize the birth of a new project
  • Open your heart to receive love and abundance 
  • Having a lots more self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Repair emotional wounds, disrespect, violence, miscarriage, abuse
  • Regain your own power and free yourself from the karmic ties of your ancestry
  • Rediscover the pleasure of being alive and desired
  • Giving yourself permission to accept yourself just the way you are a beautiful human being.
  • Discover the power of quantum healing and financial security
How does it work (8 weeks coaching) Value of $2200
  • Week #1 Taking back your own power
  • Week #2 Free your Karmic tes
  • Week #3 Why you are on heart and your mission in life
  • Week #4 Love yourself and shine your light
  • Week #5 Building your inner power
  • Week #6 Building self confidence and removing blockages.
  • Week #7 Elevate your frequency for prosperity
  • Week #8 Creating your futur self

What is the value?

  1. 8 private coaching $2392 value You will also get in BONUS
  2. Acess to my private messenger if you need my help for 8 weeks $1000 value
  3. Access meditation every week $160 value
  4. My essential oil Feminin power $25 value
  5. Yoni eggs in rose quartz $65 value

All this is Worth $3642 or more, but you will not Pay this!

Today you get this coaching and all of the above mentionned bonuses for $2200 ONLY!!!!

Lets get this offer now right here

If you are ready to embody who you really are it will be my pleasure to guide you truth this process.

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